Due to generous donations from the community (particularly from BOSLEY’S in Tsawwassen) PAWS has a ‘Kitty Food Bank’ with a stock of high-end wet and dry cat food you can access to feed those hungry little critters. Simply contact us at info@pointrobertspaws.org. We’ll be happy to help.

PetValu/ Bosley’s donation

Inflation is driving up the cost of pet food, making it difficult for some people to feed their companions a healthy and nutritious diet. So it was gratifying to read, in a February 2023 press release, the announcement that Pet Valu (a well-known Canadian company) is in the process of donating $1.6 million worth of Performatrin, its premium brand of pet food, to animal welfare organizations throughout Canada. Pet Valu has shipped pallets of Performatrin directly to major organizations such as the SPCA and to partner retailers, such as Bosley’s, who then distribute the food to local rescue groups, food banks and communities in need.

Even though Point Roberts isn’t Canadian, Bosley’s in Tsawwassen was kind enough to overlook geography and treat us as neighbours. They donated a generous selection of wet and dry Performatrin cat food to PAWS, to feed our feral colonies and help out pet owners struggling with rising costs. We are tremendously grateful to Pet Valu and Bosley’s and wish the company well in its campaign to rebrand and repackage Performatrin. Their decision to donate the remaining stock in “original” packaging was truly public-spirited.

Contact us at info@pointroberts.org to access our Kitty Food Bank.

BOSLEY’S By Pet Valu
Kitty Food Bank